MR2 Ichi Part 1

Immediately after I sold my 350Z, I started looking for an MR2. Soon after I started looking, I found a black 1992 model with a T-Top. The “car wouldn’t start”, but at $2000, it was relatively cheap and I figured that I could always part it out and get my money back if I had to since had a lot of nice parts (including a pair of Sparco bucket seats, a 1994+ taillight conversion, and a 2nd gen turbo engine swap). That being said, I was hoping that it was just something stupid that was preventing it from starting (alternator, starter, or battery trouble). Having thought up enough justifications to convince myself that it was worth the money,  I drove out to Yakima and bought the car. Right after I paid for it, the dad of the kid that sold it to me took me aside and admitted that the engine was probably seized from a spun bearing. While I wasn’t too happy that the owner mislead me about the condition of the car, I was excited to get knees deep in engine parts and car knowledge.

Once I bought it, I had it towed to a storage facility in Yakima until I could figure out what to do next. Pretty soon after that, I found a storage facility in Auburn that would look the other way while I worked on my car. I rented a storage locker and had the MR2 towed there. While all this was going on, I started getting involved in some forums online and made friends with a local guy, Cory (aka rocklizzard92), that agreed to help me fix up my new old MR2. He helped me pull out the motor and tear it apart. Unfortunately (for him) Cory liked to live his life a quarter mile at a time and he wrecked his MR2. It had a freshly rebuilt 3rd generation turbo engine with forged pistons. He needed money and had a new engine … I needed a new engine and had money … the transaction just made sense. As part of the cost of the motor, I hired him to help me install it in my chassis. After a day and a half of towing, wrenching and swearing, the engine was in. I had a running driving turbo MR2!


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